Pixels everywhere!!!

I tried to learn the mystic art of creating pixel-images to join bukKkks Pixeltrain-project. Pretty nifty wagons there, huh? Join and have Fun.
What? You don't know how to do pixelart? What a coincedence! I just created a little HowTo, to help you with the basics. Now since all your excuses are gone, read the HowTo: Be a Pixelartist and join the Pixeltrain.


You feel lonely? You don't have a boy-/girlfriend? You want to step into a new era of cybersex? Getting close to that irc-hottie you just met?
Well, here's the solution to all of your problems: Fufme. Read all the details and check out the FAQ to answer your questions and wash away every single doubt you still might have.

Night? WTF is that?

with the help of Mr.Brown coffee, i was not only able to survive this night (didnt sleep that much the last few days), but it will also help me staying alive when visiting my granny today. Hopefully I'll get some kind of lunch ... Otherwise I'll starve, i guess.
You wonder why my fridge is this empty? Well, I guess i wrote some article that may help you to find out.

latest news

... and then there was this dude who got himself a beer from the kitchen, placed it on his floor and couldn't find it afterwards.

Customize it!

Today i met one of these strange (visit @ Quakenet) and told him 'bout my idea to create a customizable Page. So i sat down some hours and created not only the second design, but also a way to include it.
Make sure to check it out on the Customization-Page.

Ah, and i added another tutorial some days ago. Don't miss it. HowTo: Single-Living


Well, some time has passed, some work has been done.
I added a new tutorial, showing how to create nifty thingies nobody ever needed. Plus, the page has moved to the server of, a german dudes page. And in addition I finally managed to clean my kitchen somewhat... I'm able to cook again.

Tutorials upped

After two hard days of working the page and tutorials are online. Now there's time to get some food, wash some clothes and water the bamboo. I dunno, why i'm always working this hard on a page, but i guess it's just for the fun of it.
Planned additions:

Let's see which of these will make it to completion.